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725 S 250 E HYDE PARK, UT 84318 - PHONE: 435-752-1478
    • 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 27, 2020

      Sign-up is no longer required for the Weekday Masses,
      which are held at these times:

      St. Thomas Aquinas
      Monday, 12:00pm
      Tuesday, 12:00pm
      Wednesday, 7:00pm (Español)   
      Thursday, 12:00pm
      Friday, 12:00pm
      St. Jerome Newman Center
      Monday, 6:00pm
      Tuesday, 6:00pm
      Wednesday, 6:00pm
      Thursday, 6:00pm
      Friday, 4:00pm
      Weekend Masses at St. Thomas Aquinas Church
      Saturday, Sep 26
      5:00pm English & 7:00pm Español
      Sunday, Sep 27
      10:00am English & 1:00pm Español
      Weekend Mass at St. Jerome Newman Center
      Sunday, Sep 27
      6:00pm English

      Because of the recent change by the Diocese of Salt Lake, Religious Education for Confirmation and First Communion are in transition to 2-year programs. In the future we hope to have first and second year offered at the same time, but we are transitioning this year, so there are NO NEW Registrations for the CONFIRMATION and FIRST COMMUNION Prep Classes this year. Registration is open for the K-8th grade-level catechesis(Non-Sacramental) for increasing your child's knowledge of the Catholic faith. REGISTER NOW!
      Debido al cambio reciente de la Diócesis de Salt Lake, la Educación Religiosa para la Confirmación y la Primera Comunión están en transición a programas de 2 años. En el futuro esperamos tener programas de primera y segunda año ofrecido al mismo tiempo, pero estamos haciendo la transición este año, por lo que NO HAY NUEVAS inscripciones para las clases de CONFIRMACIÓN y PRIMERA COMUNIÓN de preparación de este año. Las inscripciones están abiertas para la catequesis de nivel de grado Kinder-8 sobre la fe católica (no clases sacramentales) . ¡REGÍSTRESE AHORA!


      Now More Than Ever
      Click here for the 2020 Diocesan Development Drive


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    • St. Jerome Newman Center

      Saint Jerome’s Newman Center
      795 N 800 E
      Logan, UT 84321

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      Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish
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