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725 S 250 E HYDE PARK, UT 84318 - PHONE: 435-752-1478

      Click HERE for information about a
      Pints with Aquinas Zoom meeting
      on July 9!
      14th Sunday in Ordinary Time



      Beginning on Saturday May 16, we will take another step as we continue our celebration of the Holy Eucharist as a church with the faithful present. While following social distancing guidelines that the Diocese of Salt Lake put in place to protect and save lives, we are able to accommodate 50 parishioners at each Mass held at St. Thomas Aquinas. Sign-up sheets for each Mass can be found below. In order to attend Mass, you must put your name on this list.
      If you have difficulty signing up for a mass, please call the office (435-752-1478) during normal business hours.
      Masses will continue to appear online as they have been throughout this pandemic. Links to the masses will continue to appear here on the website as they become available.
      Daily Masses at St. Thomas Aquinas Church
      Tuesday, July 7, 12 noon - NO REGULAR MASS DUE TO FUNERAL MASS
      Wednesday, July 8, 7:00pm - SIGN UP LINK
      Thursday, July 9, 12 noon - SIGN UP LINK
      Friday, July 10, 12 noon - SIGN UP LINK
      Weekend Masses at St. Thomas Aquinas Church
      Saturday, July 11
      5:00pm English & 7:00pm Spanish
      Sunday, July 12
      10:00am English & 1:00pm Spanish

      Bishop Solis asked us to pray the "Act of Consecration of our Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." You can start your day with this prayer during these difficult times. See the video below:
      Daily Reflections
      -- Reflection #90 - "Lay Your Hands on Me, Lord" --
      -- Reflection #89 - "Jesus Makes New" --
      -- Reflection #88 - "Do Not Be Unbelieving, but Believe" --
      -- Reflection #87 - "The Desire in Jesus' Heart" --

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    • St. Jerome Newman Center

      Newman Center Masses
      Sundays at 6:00pm
      Saint Jerome’s Newman Center
      795 N 700 E
      Logan, UT 84321

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