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725 S 250 E HYDE PARK, UT 84318 - PHONE: 435-752-1478

      HOLY THURSDAY MASS (Bilingual)
      - April 9, at 7 PM
      GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE (Bilingual)
      - April 10, at 3 PM
      EASTER VIGIL MASS (Bilingual)
      - April 11, at 7 PM
      EASTER SUNDAY MASS (English)
      - April 12, at 10 AM
      EASTER SUNDAY MASS (Spanish)
      - April 12, at 1 PM
      - For all these liturgical services please go to ST. THOMAS AQUINAS FACEBOOK or
      - Go or click this YouTube link:
      (Both Liturgical Services will be done simultaneously)
      - April 6, Monday. 2 PM to 3 PM at St. Jerome Newman Center
      - April 8, Wednesday. 6 PM to 7 PM at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
      - April 12, Easter Sunday. 9 AM to 1 PM at St. Thomas Aquinas (ADORATION ONLY)
      Reminder: We will continue to observe Social Distancing during confession and 10 people at a time inside the church during adoration.
      Please pray for all our Health Care Workers and Government Leaders around the world.
      Please pray the Angelus and Act of Consecration of our Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary daily.
      Please share some food items in our gathering space for our needy sisters and brothers.
      Please pass this information via text or call to some of your friends and family members. 
      Bishop Solis asked us to pray the "Act of Consecration of our Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." You can start your day with this prayer during these difficult times. See the video below:
      To our dear beloved parishioners,
      The epidemic of godless fear of the unknown is spreading and we must return to the basics of our Catholic faith. Let us not leave God out of the threat of COVID 19. Our first combat gear against all sickness is prayer. There is no cure without God willing it. We cannot win over sickness without God. Remember always—God has powers beyond the human sciences. The puzzle of COVID 19 must not be faced without faith in God and without trust in the power of prayers; even as we trust in the power of human intelligence for medical inventions. More than any other time, we need God the most. People need the Lord. The world rests in God’s loving hands. Let the words of the Lord to Jairus about his daughter echo for each of us “Do not be afraid; just have faith and she will be saved.” (Lk. 8:50).
      It can be difficult to realize this with public Masses suspended but the reality of Christ and His Mystical Body remains. God has not cut us off from His Grace even if you are not able to receive Holy Communion or offer Him public Worship. What can we do? There at least 5 suggestions.
      1) Pray! Pray always and not just because we want and need God's help. Certainly we should pray for a quick and speedy end to the pandemic, for those who are sick and care for the sick, for those who are alone and frightened particular the very young and the very old, for those economically impacted, etc.... But we should also remember the additional aspects of prayer, specifically that we can listen to God and this reminds us of His active presence in our lives. Part of praying is listening. Open the Sacred Scripture. Reflect on it as a family.
      2) Worship! But Father, how can we with no public Masses? Masses are still being offered! You can participate in those offered via St. Thomas Aquinas Facebook or streamed from our Cathedral. Spiritually unite yourself with all the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass throughout the world and make a Spiritual Communion. We invite you to gather as a family, light a candle in your homes, sit, sing, and stand. Participate actively as a family as if you are really inside the church. God has not and will not cut you off from His Grace. Also, we will be in the church for our confessions every Wednesdays 6PM, and Newman Center every Monday 5PM. Or by appointment. We also have adoration schedule at St. Thomas every Sunday 9am till 1PM and Newman Center every Monday 5 PM till 6PM. We do this in the spirit of charity, observing social distancing and 10 person at a time inside the church or inside the newman center.
      3) Stay healthy! Exercise as a family. Do recreation. Do not just stare at the wall or watch Netflix the whole day! We also suggest limiting watching or listening to the news. Sometimes, too much of negativity can lead to depression.
      4) Remember those in need! There are people who needs us. Text, email, or call a friend especially the elderly. For our elderly parishioners who needs help in doing grocery, please call us, we will help you, we will do the grocery for you and deliver it to your home. For our parishioners who are healthy, please help us in taking care of our elderly.
      5) Lastly, please help our parish church! Remember that the parish still depends on your financial support. Bills have definitely not been suspended. Please consider making donations via online giving or the mail. Please drop them in the mailbox or mail your contribution envelopes to the parish at;
      1. Saint Thomas Aquinas, 725 S 250 E, Hyde Park UT. 84318 or
      2. you can donate using our online giving link at
      As always, know that you are constantly in our masses and prayers. We look forward to the time, not so far away, when I can offer the Sacrifice again with you physically present!
      In Christ thru Mary,
      Fr. Rogelio Felix-Rosas
      Fr. Joshua Maria Santos


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      -- Message from Fr. Rogelio for the 5th Sunday of Lent --
      -- Mensaje del p. Rogelio para el quinto domingo de Cuaresma --
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      -- Mensaje del p. Rogelio para el cuarto domingo de Cuaresma --

      Regarding Holy Week: There will be no public celebration of mass during Holy Week, including Easter.

      Con respecto a la Semana Santa: No habrá celebración pública de misa durante la Semana Santa, incluida la Pascua.

      Here is what the parish has been directed to do from the Diocese:




      -- Information from the Diocese of Salt Lake City on the Coronavirus--
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