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    • Tuesday in the Ninth Week in Ordinary



      Beginning on Saturday May 16, we will take another step as we continue our celebration of the Holy Eucharist as a church with the faithful present. While following social distancing guidelines that the Diocese of Salt Lake put in place to protect and save lives, we are able to accommodate 50 parishioners at each Mass held at St. Thomas Aquinas. Sign-up sheets for each Mass can be found below. In order to attend Mass, you must put your name on this list.
      If you have difficulty signing up for a mass, please call the office (435-752-1478) during normal business hours.
      Masses will continue to appear online as they have been throughout this pandemic. Links to the masses will continue to appear here on the website as they become available.
      Daily Masses at St. Thomas Aquinas Church
      Monday, June 1, 12:00 noon - SIGN UP LINK
      Tuesday, June 2, 12:00 noon - SIGN UP LINK
      Wednesday, June 3, 7:00PM - SIGN UP LINK
      Thursday, June 4, 12 noon - SIGN UP LINK
      Friday, June 5, 12 noon - SIGN UP LINK
      Weekend Masses at St. Thomas Aquinas Church
      Saturday, June 6
      5:00pm English & 7:00pm Spanish
      Sunday, June 7
      10:00am English & 1:00pm Spanish
      Rules and Regulations that we must follow:
      1. No more than 50 people will be allowed in the Church for any individual Eucharistic celebration.
      2. Social distancing must always be maintained - six feet between congregants.
      3. Churchgoers must wear masks and can remove it once they are seated.
      4. The faithful will need to sign up to come to Mass. Sign-up sheets are found in the St. Thomas Aquinas Website or Facebook Page. This will strictly be enforced so that we can protect your life and the lives of other people.
      5. People will be allowed to sign up for weekday Masses as a way of fulfilling their Sunday obligation, following the same restrictions as for Weekend Masses.
      6. Designate entrance and exit to and from the Church. Ushers will lead churchgoers to their assigned or marked seat and will be directed entering and exiting the church building while observing social distancing.
      7. Parents or older siblings will be allowed to be seated with one or two children who would need supervision.
      8. Earlier provisions remain - no shaking of hand during the sign of peace, no Precious Blood will be offered, and Holy Communion will only be distributed in the hand.
      9. Celebrants and extra-ordinary ministers of Holy Communion will bring Communion to the Faithful in their pew / seat to better facilitate social distancing.
      10. The pews and seats occupied will need to be sanitized after every Liturgy. Please continue to perform hand hygiene before entering or exiting the church.
      11. Dispensation of the Sunday obligation will remain in effect for all those who are not able to sign up, those who are vulnerable to the virus, or who simply feel unsafe coming out into a public gathering at this time.
      12. Masses will continue to be live streamed for the sick, vulnerable and homebound.
      13. Collection boxes will be placed at the entrance and exits of the church for those who wish to continue to share and be good stewards of their God-given blessings. Please don't forget that you can send offerings electronically. Please look for the ONLINE GIVING button on the website.
      14. The faithful will not to congregate to visit before or after the Liturgy.
      15. We earnestly recommend to those who are at higher risk from COVID-19 (i.e. those who are older or who have underlying health conditions) to stay home. Anyone who is not feeling well or sick - coughing, sneezing or with colds should refrain from attending the Mass. As circumstances allow, a visit from a priest, deacon, or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion to bring them the Eucharist may be possible.
      16. Five person at a time inside the restrooms. Please observe social distancing, a 6-foot distance from each other while waiting for your turn.
      17. We continue looking to our Bishop, who is working closely with state health officials, for further decisions and clarification.
      Note: We need volunteers to help us in sanitizing the church. They must be included in the group that is registered in each Eucharistic Celebration. We highly encourage our young people to step up during these difficult times.
      Bishop Solis asked us to pray the "Act of Consecration of our Diocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." You can start your day with this prayer during these difficult times. See the video below:
      Daily Reflections
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      -- Reflection #59 - "More Books Than the World Could Hold" --
      -- Reflection #58 - "Do You Love Me?" --
      -- Reflection #57 - "They Are Your Gift to Me" --

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      Newman Center Masses
      Sundays at 6:00pm
      Saint Jerome’s Newman Center
      795 N 700 E
      Logan, UT 84321

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